Power and responsibility as a submissive

Anyone who is in the D/s lifestyle and doesn’t know of Symon – please, go read his blog and absorb his experienced words of wisdom. I respect him immensely and envy his submissive just a teeny tiny bit. Lie – a lot.

This is one of those posts that should be required reading for an imaginary BDSM101 class. A Lot of people think that sexually enjoying being dominated automatically makes them submissive. While that may make you a bottom, or a general masochist, or possibly at the other extreme a slave, it is only one aspect of submission.

One cannot truly call oneself a submissive until there is a genuine feeling of happiness in their heart from submitting their will to a trusted someone. I know the line here is quite blurred but I associate a lot of emotions and feelings with being submissive that I don’t think will be embraced by someone who just likes submissive play. I think this post by Symon beautifully expresses some aspects of submission that make you think about your own values, whichever end of the BDSM spectrum you lean towards.

Penny for your thoughts

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