Rinse, Repeat

It just happened again! I was told not to say the first thing that came to mind and to not speak unless my logic was airtight else he would piece it apart. I just went over this last night; why couldn’t I remember to just shut up this time? There is no convincing someone that has already decided. Do other couples have this difficulty with one partner being too rational and the other too emotional?

I left and sat brooding and weeping in the bathroom because there is no way to fix this broken dynamic. When I calmed myself and got out, I saw he had gone to bed without dinner. I always worry he has found something else to be annoyed about, but he is probably feeling sorry for himself for being shackled to me. Not entirely sure which is better here.

I am now debating whether to sleep on the couch, in the spare bedroom or just grow some balls and go to our bed. Must remember to not say a word.

You can turn tail and still have a pair

Not sure there is a point to this post. At least when I look over this blog in a year, I can see the path of decline or, less likely, the struggle before the solution.

Penny for your thoughts

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