Routine Examination

Rituals are comforting, aren’t they. From something as simple as a shower where you first shampoo, then condition your hair, scrub face then body, then towel off and moisturise; to making tea in one of the many ways that You think is the right way; to taking makeup off at the end of the day and preparing your face for sleep; to even something as mundane as your technique to strip and re-cover a duvet.

Rituals involve activities familiar to us. Even if you are gearing up for something unpleasant, a familiar ritual is time to take a breath and let your mind run free. You might be in the middle of a lawsuit, but you’ll dress yourself to be ready to go to court that day. You may think about the case while buttoning your shirt, or you might think about the soft clicking of a keyboard. Or even about the smell of the sea, for all I know. The point is, that set of familiar actions will lead to a predictable outcome, so you can let your guard down.

In other circumstances, rituals can be pleasurable. Your preferred method of stroking yourself to orgasm is a sure shot, so you let your mind wander and your orgasm suddenly pounces on you. You are entering your Master’s study for a known or unknown purpose, so you strip and kneel in the pose He prefers and wait for His attention. Perhaps you’re more vanilla and you have a routine of “she gets the condom while you turn down the bed”. The anticipation from knowing the likely outcome of the situation is probably getting you quite horny.

Rituals are entirely different for different people, yet we all take some comfort from them in the same way. The underlying “need” driving them is the same, even if the exact procedure is abhorrent to an outsider. More people need to recognise this fact these days.

Well, okay. Some are just scary.

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