Three’s A Requirement

What is my deepest, darkest fantasy?

I think by most D/s play standards, mine will seem pretty tame, but for someone who’s been barely having any vanilla sex, I think this counts as a romp on the wild side.

I am being watched by a man fisting his cock as I crawl towards another man who is lying down and waiting for me. I drape myself over him, intending to gently seduce him, but he flips me over and pins me down. He ties my wrists and feet to the bedposts, but doesn’t blindfold me. The other man joins him in observing me, their cocks erect and bobbing.

They share the job of running their hands over me, touching all those sensitive spots slowly but surely. One man starts from my feet’s, lightly licking my toes and making circles on my shins with his hands, while the other man cups me face and kisses me senseless, running his hands down to my breasts. As he gets busy laving attention on them, the first one slowly works his way up to my crotch, which has been wide on displays owing to my tied legs. He teases me by running his hands on my inner thighs, lightly running his fingers over my dripping slit and clit. While the other one is pinching and sucking my nipples to glory, this one goes down on me and proceeds to tongue-fuck like nobody’s business. I expect the sensory overload and the helplessness would make me orgasm right then.

Once they get me off and go on for a bit, they untie my limbs from the bedposts and tie my wrists together. I am pulled to one man’s penis, and I slowly lick it all over and take it in my mouth. The other man gets behind me and teases my clit with his fingers while he rubs my pussy with his penis. I moan as he enters me in one fluid stroke and fucks me wildly.

After I can no longer suck the first man off properly, they move so that he can enter me from the front. The other one lubes up a finger and teases my asshole as the first one enters me while teasing my nipples. I am tweaking his too when the other man inserts another finger and starts fucking my ass lightly. He runs his fingers internally along the first man’s dick lodged inside me. He then adds more lube as the first one nibbles along my breasts and I claw his back with my bound arms around him. He starts teasing my anal opening with his lubed dick, and gradually enters me from behind. The sensation of two penises inside me simultaneously is extraordinary.

From there, the situation devolves into mindless fucking all around, and I orgasm around both their cocks still pounding into me. One of them rubs my clit as the other kneads my back and then my breasts. They kiss me one after the other, their lust leaving my lips swollen. They orgasm inside me, one in my pussy and the other in my ass. As they pump the last of their semen into me, their continued administrations make me crest a last time, a deeper and prolonged orgasm.

They untie my wrists and massage them gently to get the blood flowing. We kiss gently in a post-coital haze. We clean up slightly and just fall asleep.

If only I could ever trust someone enough to go through with this someday! Just thinking about it in so much detail has me all hot and bothered. If you’ve ever shared yours, send me a link in the comments. Maybe I can touch myself to it.

Penny for your thoughts

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